Product category warranty period range

* Commercial lighting products are guaranteed for 5 years.

* For products beyond the warranty period, Solaraxy can provide online telephone, online support and other services.

Non-committed warranty coverage

For the following situations, which are not within the promised warranty, Solaraxy Smart Commercial Photo Customer Service Center will charge certain material fees and service fees as appropriate when performing services. The specific charging standards can be inquired at the service centers or distribution outlets of each district office.

  1. The product or its parts exceed the free warranty period.
  2. Failure caused by abnormal voltage, water immersion, and improper use environment.
  3. Failure caused by failure to use the instructions and precautions required in the manual.
  4. Failure caused by the purchaser during transportation and handling.
  5. Failure caused by dismantling, repairing, or refitting the product without the authorization of the manufacturer.
  6. Failure caused by force majeure (such as earthquake, war, fire) and other factors.


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