In the commercial area, the outdoor landscape lighting design should not only consider the lighting needs of the landscape and passages, but also consider the ambient light diffracted by the surrounding buildings, and consider the restrictions on the flow of people and vehicles by each passage

Through the smart lighting system, the application combination of different scenarios can be realized in different areas such as business, office, rest, and traffic, meanwhile, through various sensors and video monitoring equipment, an smart management platform is jointly created.

Design Solution

The night scene lighting of commercial buildings should reflect its prosperous atmosphere, taking into account the overall coordination of brightness level, light-dark relationship, light color and lighting techniques. The night scene lighting should echo the architectural characteristics. The architectural lighting design is mainly based on warm yellow tones, embellished with colored lights, to create a lively and friendly atmosphere, and to express the prosperous, magnificent and lively characteristics of commercial buildings.

Commercial district lighting design

1. The main activity areas are illuminated bypowerful area lights with an installation height of 3~4.5 meters. They are mainly installed in commercial outdoor activity areas, the center of pedestrian streets, etc.

2. Low lawn lamps can be used in the green belts around the commercial area. The lawn lamps should be higher than the plants in the light-emitting part of the lamps to avoid being blocked by the canopy and leaves of the plants, and must have a high waterproof level.

3. In the periphery of commercial buildings, highly decorative wall lamps can be used, and the most important points, lines, and surfaces can be used for contour lighting.The lighting design at this location can be combined with the texture of the exterior wall surface of the building for key lighting.

4. For places such as pedestrian passages in commercial office areas, in-ground lamps, wall lamps, and stair lamps can be used for area guidance lighting. The lamps used in this position avoid strong light upward and avoid dazzling.

5. Solar bollard lights can be used at the intersection of people and vehicles in the commercial office area. When lighting, it can avoid the entry of cars and has good control to the flow of people.

6. The demand for illuminance in the middle of the night in the commercial office area is low. The lamps in the above positions can be set to adjust different brightness in different time periods, and even each area can be used for interval lighting.

7. The lighting of commercial office areas also need to consider the concept of environmental protection, especially the “dark sky” standard, and fully consider nature and environmental protection on the basis of meeting the needs of lighting and decoration, and avoid unnecessary and excessive lighting causing waste and dazzling.

The outdoor lighting design of commercial areas must fully consider the comprehensive elements of the commercial environment, and combine the personalized needs of LOT intelligence to create a comprehensive commercial construction. By fully combining cloud technology and Internet technology, every landscape, every business district, every commercial street, and every store is covered, creating a distinctive and prosperous commercial outdoor environment.

Commercial district lighting application scenarios