1. What is the difference between commercial solar lightingand normal solar lights?

* The product technology and performance are different, such as the warranty time, working environment, impact resistance, Anti-corrosion grade etc., have been greatly improved, and smart APP control system have been added to meet the different needs of different commercial places


  1. How to use the product if there is no sun?

* All of our commercial lighting products can be supplemented by an external DC power supply, which can be directly connected to a DC power supply, or directly expand the solar panel. This avoids the problem of not installing solar lamps in some places, and the overall function is not affected.


  1. Theproduct contains lithium batteries, can it be used normally in very cold and very hot areas?

* The batteries used in our products are processed by temperature-controlled TCS technology, and the product is suitable for a wide range of use environments -20°C—65°C, so it can cover many low-temperature and high-temperature countries.


  1. The use time of solar lights is limited by sunlight conditions, how do we ensure good charging and lighting time?

*First of all, we use high-efficiency solar panels with high efficiency of 19%. In addition, we use 1W=190LM high-efficiency LEDs, which can save 100% of battery power. More importantly, we have advanced ALS technology that can prolong the lighting time to 7~10 rainy days, this ALS technology was developed by us in 2017 and got invention patent license.


  1. What happens when I feel that the light is not bright enough when I receive the goods?

* For the safety transportation , we did not fully charge the battery before delivery, about 20-30% which may used out during transportation, so the lack of brightness is normal. The brightness will be normal after 1~2 days charging by sun.


  1. Why use Bluetooth mesh communication instead of wired protocol?

*Bluetooth mesh is firstly a wireless protocol, and at the same time it cooperates with solar power technology, which can effectively avoid some problems such as poor positioning, safety, waterproofing, and after-installation.


  1. What is the communication distance of Bluetooth mesh?

We use the version 5.0 of Bluetooth mesh. The communication distance can be up to 100 meters under ideal conditions. Outdoor lamps are waterproof and protection level. Generally, the distance between the lamp and the lamp is 70 meters, which can fully meet the outdoor lighting scene need.


  1. If the product is disconnected from the network, will it affect the normal use of smart lighting fixtures?

* When the network is disconnected, it will affect the transmission of information between the lamps and the use of the APP, but it will not affect the single product function of automatically turning on the lights at dark and turning off the lights at dawn.


  1. Where can I download the APP?

* The Android version of the app can be downloaded by scanning the QR code, and the mainstream Android software market can also be downloaded; Apple can search for Aceplus in IOS stroe to download it.


  1. Does system debugging require professional computer programming?

* No, when debugging our system, all you need is a mobile phone. The debugging and use are the same APP.


  1. What should I do if the product is upgraded in the future? Is the old product unusable?

There are two main aspects to product upgrades. APP upgrades can be upgraded online, which will bring some new functions to the hardware; the hardware cannot be upgraded online, but the upgraded new system will still be compatible with the old hardware.