The outdoor lighting design of the hotel should fully combine the each hotel characteristics, create different regional themes, and ensure the premise of the lighting function of each area. The design and color temperature of the lights should be unified in the same area, and at the same time, it will not affect the guests in the hotel room.

It can be combined with smart lighting system control, showing different light effects at different times and seasons, SOLARAXY solar commercial lighting can be fully applied to different areas and landscapes, through different setting logic and algorithm functions, realize smart lighting system management plan.

Design Solution

The outdoor lights of the hotel should have a landscape effect during the day and night. Good decoration can fully improve the aesthetics of leisure. Also, the control and management of lights by monitoring, security and smart lighting system can also be considered.
The roads in the hotel can be lighted with smart area lights and bollard lights, and the buildings can be decorated with light strips, wall lights and spotlights to maximize the effect of highlighting light to attract tourists. Safety should also be considered. , to avoid the complexity and tedious maintenance, try to achieve less wiring and less maintenance. In the middle of the night, attention should be paid to the management of the lighting angle and the brightness to enter the rest mode.

Hotel lighting design

1) Depending on the building structure and color to select the right lights, which also have decorative effects during the day. At night, through precise light control, increase the hood, and adjust the angle to achieve “seeing the lighting but not the light”, or choose lamps with a simple style to weaken the appearance or color of the lamps caused inconsistency.
2) Control the luminous effect of lights by area, group, scene and time period, maximize the use of light in combination with buildings and landscapes, and accurately control light effects in different time periods according to the architectural form and characteristics.
3) The new solar LED light is designed to minimize construction costs and environmental protection; the new solar LED light has the advantages of no wiring, low voltage, long life, high safety, good stability, wide applicability, and quick response time
4) The lamp adopts an integrated design, which greatly improves the aesthetics. An excellent integrated solar lamp can not only ensure the rational use of new energy, but also ensure the effect and duration of lighting at night.
5) The use of smart lighting control system can not only realize remote control and management, but also realize the application of different scenarios and environments. Also, cloud data technology can implement the control of lighting effects and energy consumption in the area, and use cloud API docking technology, but operation monitoring Visual operation of the platform. Synchronize the operation of devices in different regions, and summarize them for unified management and connection.

Hotel lighting application scenarios