The landscape lighting of the island has very special needs in terms of environmental protection, light efficiency and anti-corrosion. Solaraxy smart APP controlled Solar lights can be widely used in island roads, which solves the trouble of island power generation and wiring.

Through the smart lighting system, the application changes in different areas of the island landscape lighting can be realized, and the intelligent lighting needs of landscape design and lighting design can be fully met.

Design Solution

Islands have significant geographical features, which limit the transmission and distribution of energy. At the same time, islands often have high requirements for environmental protection, so island lighting often has very strong unique needs, such as anti-corrosion, anti-typhoon , environmental protection, waterproof and so on. At this stage, the energy sources of the island are mostly sourced locally, and new energy sources such as wind energy, tidal energy, and solar energy are mostly used. Traditional diesel power generation and power distribution can no longer meet the needs of the island’s special geographical location.

Island Landscape Lighting Design

1. Island landscape lighting should pay attention to the safety of wiring, especially in areas with low altitude levels, should try to avoid buried wiring methods below sea level, and mostly use split power generation methods, independent power supply, to ensure safety.

2. The island landscape lighting should pay attention to corrosion resistance. The island air is relatively humid, the salt content in the air is high, and the long-term environment has a certain oxidizing property to metals, so the island landscape lighting, outdoor lamps, etc. It should have high corrosion resistance and salt spray resistance.

3. Island landscape lighting installation lamps should have a certain level of typhoon resistance, and the island environment has strong wind, so the island landscape lighting needs to have a good hardware structure, which can resist the impact of high basic typhoons.

4. Island landscape lighting should have a higher color temperature. The island’s humidity is high, which will greatly reduce the visibility at night. Therefore, the light emitted by lamps with a higher color temperature tends to have higher penetration in this environment.

5. The island landscape lighting should also have high waterproof IP. The temperature difference between day and night on the island is large, and there are typhoons and waves scouring. Therefore, the lamps need to have high waterproof IP and drainage holes can be reserved to ensure the condensed water droplets inside. It can be eliminated in time, and there is no short circuit caused by accumulation.

6. Island landscape lighting can also have some enhanced functions, such as boat bollard lights, which not only brighten the shore, but also a good tool for spreading docking bollards. To have this functionality, the lamps themselves need to have high impact resistance.