SOLARAXY provides different lighting design solutions according to the different functional areas of the park, such as: applying landscape lamps in sidewalk areas, providing high color temperature area lamps in sports areas, applying low color temperature lawn lamps in paths and lawn areas.

Meanwhile, combined with the sensor function of the smart lighting system, it can effectively count the flow of people and light changes in the park, and realize the management plan of the smart lighting system through different setting logic and algorithm functions.

Lighting Design Solution

1. Set the lighting fixtures according to the theme and style of the park, combine the characteristics of the park garden landscape, and arrange the lighting fixtures based on the principle that they can best reflect the landscape effect under the light.

2. Increase the atmosphere of trees, shrubs and flowers by designing the direction and color temperature of the lighting.

3. For the lighting design of water surface and waters landscape, attention will be paid to reflection and other issues, and personnel protection and lighting in dangerous areas of wading will be done well.

4. The service life, maintenance cost and safety of the park lighting should be considered. As a public facility, whether the service life and maintainability of the lighting is convenient is very important to the operating cost of the park. At the same time, higher safety also provides tourists with security guarantee.

5. Park lighting, if it has the LOT function will bring more value empowerment. For example, set different brightness according to different time periods, time switch ON/OFF light daily etc. Lamps with people flow statistics can form digital analysis data, providing very reliable data for park management.

The lamps in the park should have a landscape effect during the day and night, and good decoration can fully enhance the aesthetics of leisure.

Park roads, courtyard water features and flood lighting, the switch time of lights can be controlled by light control, time control, microcomputer time control, microcomputer latitude and longitude controller and other automatic control methods. The main lighting such as roads and platforms should be controlled by multiple branches as needed. In terms of control mode, full night light and midnight light can be adopted. Usually only turn on the lights in the middle of the night, and turn on all-night lights on holidays or when there are many people.

Park lighting application scenarios