The lighting design for residential area should fully meet the needs of lighting and comfort. The smart lighting system enters the property system platform for digital management.

The smart lighting system enters the property system platform for digital management. SOLARAXY solar smart lighting products can fully meet the above requirements.

Design Solution

Outdoors in residential areas, road lighting design is required for passages with vehicles, landscape lighting is required for passages with pedestrians, regional lighting is required for recreational areas, and even commercial facilities around the community require lighting design.

The lighting design of residential areas should fully consider human factors. While ensuring the normal use of lighting, it is also necessary to consider that it will form light pollution and affect the rest of residents at night. Therefore, warm and warm white color temperature lamps are more suitable for residential areas.

Residential area lighting design

1. In the vehicle passageway of residential area, we can install the 3-4 meters height Area lights or landscape lights of 3000~4000Lumens. And the lighting angle should be as low as possible. When a person or vehicle is approaching, it will automatically adjust the lighting output to ensure that the surrounding brightness is sufficient.

2. In the pedestrian passages, lawn areas,activity areas, community entrances, etc. We can install the area lights , bollard lights and spotlights which have certain decorative properties and can also provide sufficient illumination, while avoiding light pollution.

3. Outdoor landscape lamps in residential areas are more suitable for the application of new energy solar lights, because the hidden dangers of wiring in residential areas and the loss of lines are of great concern. The demand for high-brightness lighting at night in residential areas is not long, and in the middle of the night It will reduce the illuminance demand, and solar lamps can bring more days of standby battery life under such conditions.

The outdoor landscape lighting design of the residential area can fully use the smart lighting control system to realize various functions, and the networked hardware terminal smart management can carry out more digital applications in the residential area, and even directly enter the property management platform.

The lighting design of the residential area should be more people-oriented, more considerate of decoration and safety, and realize different applications through different landscape lights, mood lights, bollard lights,spot lights and area lights.