The outdoor lighting of campus can be considered from three aspects:

  • The first is the lighting design of the sports field, which comprehensively considers the combination of illuminance and color temperature.
  • The second is the lighting design of lanes and footpaths, which should consider energy saving
  • and the third is the lighting design of leisure greening, which takes into account the needs of atmosphere and walking.
    Solar area lights and wall lights are good choices in these activity areas.

Solar area lights and bollard lights can be well used in trails and driveways. Lawn lights and garden lights are a good combination in leisure and green areas.

Design Solution

The campus is a special place, safety is the top priority of campus lighting, and effective lighting throughout the night is a major consideration, which can be accomplished through sensor technology and networked lighting.
When designing campus outdoor lighting, it is necessary to choose suitable lighting fixtures, which not only reflect the campus cultural concept, but also highlight the quiet and poetic campus atmosphere. Through the complete aesthetic conception of science and art, a pleasant, safe, reliable and beautiful night scene environment can be created, so that the image of the building can be reshaped at night.

School Outdoor Lighting Design

1) The campus outdoor lighting design can use different lamps and lighting methods according to the cultural characteristics of each school to create a unique charm with different cultural characteristics; reflecting the campus culture of different regions, different histories and different styles.
2) Lighting art endows the campus landscape with stronger vitality. It not only plays a role in color decoration of the campus landscape, but also uses lighting techniques to create a three-dimensional sense of space between objects and the environmental space, and correspond to and form a contrast with the surrounding environment. Highlights and scenery theme.
3) The atmosphere rendering of campus landscape lighting plays a decisive role in people’s psychological state and the artistic appeal of the light environment. Through the rendering of light, an environment can be created, highlighting the key points of the landscape; at the same time, the use of technology, color, and rhythm can make the surrounding environment more artistic.
4) Special attention should be paid to the lighting of the outdoor sports area of the campus. Also, the lighting brightness should be fully guaranteed, and it should have good safety.Meanwhile, it should have an automatic adjustment function, which can automatically adjust the brightness according to the time and the density of people.

In school, the use of new energy solar lamps is very common. Its good safety and wiring-free characteristics fully meet the needs of outdoor lighting. Also, the new era of LOT technology makes new energy more efficient. Multi-intelligent functions, such as remote timing, dimming, group control, induction, etc., and the Internet management tool of SOLARAXY Smart Lighting also has a map function, which can quickly display the equipment situation in each area on the digital map, and Quick management control.

School lighting application scenarios